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Refund Policy

In providing courses to students, AMVETS must comply with the providing school’s refund policy.

A student has 3 days from the date of enrollment and receipt of payment to the School by AMVETS for the course to drop out of the course and allow AMVETS to receive a refund.

However, if the on-line course material has been accessed, and the reference materials have been opened, AMVETS will be unable to get relief from various well-known publication distributors. The Training Assessment Manager (TAM) will make sure that every student who enrolls for an on-line course has been briefed on this refund policy and signs a Registration Form that is kept on file. The refund policy is additionally stated on the Welcome Letter sent out on behalf of the Institution. Additionally, there are no extensions granted for courses. If a student does not complete their course by the end-date on their welcome letter, there will be additional fees for extended access.

Certainly extreme cases will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Due to these requirements it is extremely important that all students understand the commitment they make to AMVETS when agreeing to take a course. Loss of funds due to failure to complete training not only hurts the student and AMVETS, but expends scare resources that could be available to other veterans.